Saturday, December 8, 2007

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Hi people,

Been a while. Just to busy at the moment in real life and pretty tired when not lol.

Just like to take the chance to wish you all a merry xmas and a happy and healty new year. Enjoy!!

Merry xmas to you all :)

Take care!!!!


Monday, November 12, 2007

My condolences and sympathy

Although i never knew Ginny personal i admired this person and was shocked when i read that he been taken to early from us. Last Call/Dazzle is my favorite shop. When i think of the shop Ginny automatically comes to mind. I wish i would have had the chance to meet the person who dressed me and a lot of other people and made them feel special.

I would like to give my condolences and my sympathy to everyone who has to deal with this sad loss.

Thank you Ginny for everything. I will miss you although i never knew you as a friend. :~(

Claudia Mantis

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Opening

Yesterday finnaly the opening took place :) Was there early and an hour before opening i thought i better check the stream and Freestar was so kind to help me, thx girl :) Almost panicced as it didn't work lol. But a few minutes later it worked, freestar typed the password wrong ;)

The Opening 1 -Blog-

My sis Jenilia was there early too. waiting with me and Freestar. Who was setting up her stuff. Seemed my Mic was to large lol. And i bought the smallest i could buy of that kind. Cylindrian would have needed a chair to get to it i think. But Freestar was so kind to let me borrow hers. And it was purplish, so it fitted well :)

The Opening 2 -Blog-

Finnaly it all started. Freestar Tammas started to play and people were starting to pop up :)) Crap Mariner chose to ride the moon that night. Looked cool!

The Opening 3 -Blog-

Freestar did a great job, the first person to play that stage! I'm proud it was her. Love her, although she tried to emberras me! And it worked lol. Silly billy. I'm also proud Unmasked Shepherd attended the opening. Love u sweety.

The Opening 4 -Blog-

Then all the sudden i saw a giant backpack walk past me. I had to look twice and then saw Cylindrian Rutabaga was attached to it. Yes the great Cylindrian :) So proud she was playing that night. And got to say see did a super show. i felt like "wow". Even the sim got maxed! I think my neighbours won't like me anymore hehe. My good friends Dewran, Helen and Audri showed up too. Was so happy.

The Opening 5 -Blog-

After Cylindrian it was time for JueL Resistance to show her music skill and she was superb. 15 minutes into her show the thing happened that is a must for an opening....the sim crashed :) It probably was maxed to long lol. After the crash most came back and continued the concert!

The Opening 6 -Blog-

JueL finished her great performance and it was Charles Coleman to take the stage next. And he took it well! Was a great performance! He is a great person too, never really talked with him before. Also was honored Queen May Rosebud, Sir Ren Stonecutter and Cyl's mom showed up during his gig :) And as his gig ended the event ended. It was great!

The Opening 7 -Blog-

Would like to thank everyone that attended and the great great artists! Was super! Wahooooo. cyas next time! :)

The Opening 8 -Blog-

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Esplanade: Grand Opening

Comming Friday, the 28th of September, i'm opening my piece of land. It been open for a while but never did an opening or anything. Live music is the event.

The Esplanade: Grand Opening -Blog-

Freestar Tammas, Cylindrian Rutabaga, JueL Resistance and Charles Coleman will be performing that day. Start is at 2pm SL time and ends at 6pm. I did have Dexter at 6pm but he cancelled all his gigs for this week. Hope you be fine Dex! Another time :) Did not get a replacement. It's pretty late for me that time.

While you there you can also stop by Dewran Wopat's "Wopat Graphics", Queen May Rosebud's "La Rose de Mai", Artistic Fimicolouds "Fimi Gallery" and my Studio and Gallery. Work of Freestar and stuff from Dolmere you can find on the square:) Everyone is welcome to visit or not :) Hope to see you's there!

Slurl: The Esplanade

Friday, September 21, 2007

This Saturday: JueL's Fundraiser

Tommorow, Saturday September 22nd, there will be a fundraiser from 12pm until 10pm. The fundraiser will be a live music event and will be held at JueL's place Living room #13.

JueL Resistance Fundraiser - Blog-

She is doing this fundraiser to get herself to Mahoneyfest in Georgia. Her goal is to raise 350k.

Secondlife musicians are independent musicians and some of them have no other income then from their music. Please support JueL in her goal to get to Mahoneyfest, she deserves it.

All tips from this event will go toward air fare, food, and travel expenses.

Links: Mahoneyfest, Suzen JueL aka JueL Resistance MySpace page

Slurl: Living Room #13

PS! There are tipjars up on Living room 13, also before and after the event. If u want to support her and can't make it to the event you can tip her there or just pay JueL Resistance directly in SL. For other forms of payment you can go to and send funds to

(Small part of this blog i got from Dolmere)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Stage

Yes, yes i'm still alive. Busy bee still here. Hope 1 more week and work be normal again.

I have decided to do an opening for my land. This would be celebrated with live music ofcourse :) I looked around for a stage to place on my land and then thought by myself: "Claudia, u weird woman, why not make one yourself". And so i did. And as result i got a purplish-black thing on my land now haha.

My new stage 1 -blog-

I changed the name of land to The Esplanade, with thx to Dew. Paved land at the sea it means i got told. The opening i planned at the 28th, more info will follow soon. One more artist to get :)

My new stage 2 -Blog-

Slurl: The Esplanade

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Singer/Songwriter Grace Buford, also known as Cylindrian Rutabaga has a new CD released. The CD is called RIVER. And got to say it sounds super as always :) Get it when you can, you will buy great music but also will support this great artist.

Also she has got a new website. This can be found at: Nice webby made by Thor Eldrich.

And last but not least she got a new giftshop. Get yourself a nice tee, tanktop or a large mug! (where r the beermugs!) You can find the shop at: